How to work like a boss - according to Manager Tools


Manager Tools is one of my all-time favourite sources when it comes to guides and advice about work and career. Mike and Mark, who do the podcasts, have coached managers for over ten years, including White House staff.

Their methods are tried and (A/B) tested, and there’s a podcast for everything from conducting job interviews to connecting people. In other words: They know their stuff, and they know a lot. Here are five of my favourites podcasts tackling specific issues, plus a link to their Manager Tools Trinity, which I highly recommend if you’re a manager, or want to be one.


1. How to manage emails

Stressed by answering a continuous flow of emails? Apparently, everyone is these days. Here’s the podcast for solving your email problems once and for all.

Email Three times a Day


2. How to (finally) manage your calendar

Managing your calendar can be a challenge, and sometimes it feels more like your calendar is managing you, instead of the other way around. There’s a podcast for that.

The Basics of Calendar Management


3. How to run an effective meeting

Basically, everyone’s who’s ever worked at an office has been submitted to meetings with no more information than a few bullet points. Here’s how you blow everyone’s mind with an impeccable meeting agenda.

Effective Meetings


4. How to say the right thing in a meeting

The AND not BUT rule is one communication rule that completely stuck with me. It’s so simple, but extremely thought-provoking in terms of how the subtle change of words can have a massive impact on our communication.

The And not But Meeting Groundrule


5. How to get goals from your boss

Don’t know your exact KPIs? I used this talk to prepare for a meeting with my former boss and it was a complete lifesaver.

Getting goals from your Boss


6. How to be a manager (The Manager Tools Trinity)

If you want to become a (better) manager, have a listen to these podcasts. The Manager Tool Trinity is essentially “starting kit” for managers and the foundation for all the other Manager Tool podcasts.

Manager Tools Basics


All the podcasts are free and, of course, there’s also a Tools app so you can download and listen to them on your commute.

Let me know what you think about the podcasts or share other great work/career related podcasts in the comments below.