Marianne Højgaard

Black belt in communication, creative solutions, and curiosity.

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1. Spotting creative opportunities

You should analyse products, users, and context to find the right content, communication, and the right solution. But my ambition is not just to analyse what's already there in order to improve it.

My brain is wired to spot creative opportunities and blind spots and to combine the familiar with the unexpected in order to make better solutions where the sum is greater than the parts.

2. Entrepreneurial drive

If you’ve ever met a former entrepreneur, you know that they love figuring things out. To put it simply: That's me! I'm driven to learn, to grow, to be on my feet and come up with solutions.

My former entrepreneurial journey has given me an agile approach to work, where early testing and validation plays a key role. I navigate strategically and focus on the overall goal, while still collecting new input and feedback.

3. User-driven content

One of my favourite things is to come up with creative content for websites, apps, and television. But good content is not about pushing out messages. Really good communication is about putting yourself in the shoes of the user and give them exactly the valuable information and experiences they need.

I constantly look to strategic design for methods and best practices to make the best possible user-driven content and communication. 

4. Utilising my network

I'm driven by people, culture, and community. To me the relationships and networks we build are key factors to reach our goals and make us grow personally and professionally.

I believe that utilising my network of skilled people is the best way of helping others and to do my best work. That's why I use my network every day for mutual sparring, collaborations, and as an endless source of inspiration.

content production

  • Copy editing
  • Copy writing
  • Corporate blogging
  • Public speech curation
  • TV production
  • Translation

communication strategy

  • External communication
  • Internal communication
  • Social media
  • Brand experience

content marketing

  • Research
  • Data analysis
  • Content Strategy
  • Content management
  • Brand perception



  • Early stage product development
  • Concept development
  • Setting milestones and scopes
  • Pre-totyping

  • Stakeholder interview



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