They've arrived!

My business cards are here! They've finally arrived and I'm really pleased with the design. This week I'm also sharing a really interesting article about how much newbie product managers (don't) know. And don't worry, even if you're not a product manager, it's still worth reading. And, finally, remember those words you never thought you would hear yourself say? That's my life - all the time!


1. The article

Apparently, not knowing everything about the technical side of the product can be an advantage. At least that’s one of the things I learned from this LinkedIn article.

Being one of those nerds, who love the “softer side” of product development, it sometimes seems like I’m completely out of place. This article focuses on how you, as a newbie product manager can contribute, even though “you’ve never written a line of code, and you don’t speak technical jargon. So you’re feeling just a little freaked out.” Sounds familiar?


2. The business cards

Look what came in the mail! I know it’s long overdue, but I finally have business cards. In case anyone is interested in the details, the business cards are the square business cards from MOO and in the design template ‘On Target’. I went for a minimalistic design, and I’m really happy with how they turned out.


3. The show and tell sessions

At Ideas Lab we have ‘Show and Tell’ with mentors from the game industry. The idea is that every startup has a chance to talk to experts and get feedback on whatever they’re working on/struggling with at the moment.

When you’re a one-woman-army, who hasn’t had any previous experience with hardcore game development, this is a god-send. In this early stage of concept development rapidly iterating on your ideas is crucial, and it’s so much easier to do with a fresh pair of eyes.

4. The office dog(!)

Meet Happy, our office manager’s dog, who visited the office this week.


5. The words…

...I never thought I would say, in a million years, but now say on a regular basis.

"Yeah, I mean, wireframing is not a problem. I’ll be doing that myself."

"So, I’ve estimated the pricing of the product based on competitors."

Anything with the word like ‘backend’.

Obviously, I’m the victim of some sort of geeky bullshit bingo. However, I’m so happy I have the chance to learn a whole new vocabulary. It is incredibly empowering.