Scatterbrain challenge and the hunt for HR

No big introduction or theme this week. Just a regular update of my research, my terrible attention span, and a reminder, just in case you were wondering if you’re doing a good job.


1. The LinkedIn stats

I get stats from LinkedIn from time to time, whenever I post something in my newsfeed. This week my last blog post got over 200 views on LinkedIn, which I consider pretty amazing for such a small blog.

I'm so happy I get to share my entrepreneurial journey, so thank you for reading.


2. The feedback

The hunt for HR feedback is on. I’m at the stage in my research, where I’m taking more steps towards market and customer insights. That’s why a lot of my time this week has been dedicated to mobilising my network and finding HR people, who wants to give feedback on the business idea.

It’s been great to find out what people on “the other side of the table” has to say about my project, and I've got so much useful information to build on.


3. The scatterbrain challenge #1

This week I've accidentally come across a lot of talks about mindfulness, from office presentations to conversations with friends.

According to this amazing TED talk we shift our attention at work every 45 seconds(!). Sadly, I’m no different. I feel like have the attention span of a goldfish with ADD at the moment. That’s why I’m setting myself some challenges these next couple of weeks in order to become more mindful.

First challenge is to meditate for 10 minutes every morning. Hopefully this will be a first step towards regaining my focus.

Sometimes you have to remind yourself that whatever you’re doing, it's good enough.


4. The calendar

This has been annoying me (and my scatterbrain) for weeks: I’ve been trying to find the right calendar/work diary/notebook in a A5 format, and it's impossible. The Filofax refills are great because they're the right size and I can add pages, but the Filofax A5 organiser is not A5 size at all. In fact it’s so big, I can hardly fit it into a normal bag.

If anyone have any suggestions, please, let me know.


5. The reminder

Most important reminder of the day from our office manager at Ideas Lab: Sometimes you have to remind yourself that whatever you’re doing, it's good enough.

In case you’re wondering, whether or not you’re doing a good job, click here.