These are the type of people you want to keep around


There's more and more time in my calendar dedicated to research and more and more meetings with everyone from HR consultants to friends, who quite generously want to share their user stories and their favourite apps. It definitely feels like there's a bit of momentum now, and all these people play a big part in it. This week, I'm also sharing a lunchtime routine and links to calm you down, when you're stressed out at work.


1. The other type of business angels

I’ve been doing research for some time now, and I’m still surprised how much people are willing to help me in any way they can, from reaching out to their network to sending books or giving valuable information and emotional support.

Most recently I’ve been talking to some HR consultants, who gave some great feedback on the whole onboarding journey, but there are a so many people, who are an amazing help to me throughout this process. They invest their time, knowledge, and effort in my project.

While it might seem like I’m a one-woman army, I have no doubt that this other type of business angels is the reason why I can still create, develop, sketch, and, as Brené Brown would say, lean into the discomfort on a daily basis.

If you’re starting your own business or a smaller project, I highly recommend thinking less about finances and creating extremely detailed business plans in the beginning. Instead, go find the other business angels. When you work alone, they’re your personal cheerleaders, mentors, and oracles, who help you keep you going - even on the bad days.


2. The research


I’m currently looking at how users track their performances on different apps. A couple of days ago I asked my friends on Facebook, and I was so happy to get so many replies.

Next week will be another research sprint, finding out how these apps keep their users motivated by tracking their performance. (And probably asking friends, who replied to my Facebook post, a bunch of annoying questions…)


3. The scatterbrain challenge #1 - update

Last week I challenged myself to meditate every morning for 10 minutes. I can’t say it’s made much of a difference in the morning. However, I feel more focused in the evening. Paying attention to my scatterbrain in the morning, somehow automatically turns on a switch in the evening, reminding me to calm down and be more focused.

It's not at all the effect I'd anticipated, but I'm really happy with the change in my evening routine, so I'll definitely keep up the morning meditation.


4. The lunchtime routine

Last week our office manager, Maria, gave a talk, sharing her experiences with mindful workflow. One thing, in particular, stood out to me: As a former project manager in the games industry, she was used to seeing people with bad work habits. So, she did something radical to improve it:

“We all need breaks, and when people work during their lunch break, they’re far more likely to be unproductive later in the day. That’s why I told my team, they couldn’t have lunch at their desks. They HAD to take a lunch break in order to clear their mind.”

I wish more workplaces would adopt this routine.


5. The links

For people, who are having a bad day at work, here are a four stress relieving links: