Marianne Højgaard

Black belt in content marketing, copywriting, and curiosity.

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1. Spotting creative opportunities

The best solutions are rarely sitting right in front of you. In my experience, they are hiding in an unexpected place. That’s why I'm always looking to connect the dots from familiar territory to unlikely, and often overlooked, areas to find the best creative opportunities.

To me, the key is to be curious, open, and combine context, data and research with a strong purpose and a playful "What if?"-attitude.


2. Entrepreneurial drive

If you’ve ever met a former entrepreneur, you knowhow much they love figuring things out. To put it simply: That's me! I'm driven to learn, to observe the world, to try to make sense of it, and then to come up with a great solution.

My former entrepreneurial journey has taught me how important early testing, validation, and iteration is in all my work. That's why agile workflow is at the core of all my work.

3. User-driven content

One of my favourite things is to come up with creative content for blogs, websites, and apps. But good content is not about pushing out your message to the masses. Good communication is about putting yourself in the shoes of the users and give them exactly the valuable information and experiences they need.

I constantly look to strategic design for methods and best practices to make the best possible user-driven content and communication. 

4. Utilising my network

I'm driven by people, culture, and community. To me the relationships and the networks we build are key factors to reaching our goals and make us grow personally and professionally.

I believe that utilising my network of skilled people is the best way of helping others and to do my best work. That's why I use my network every day for mutual sparring, collaborations, and as an endless source of inspiration.

content production

  • Copywriting/editing
  • UX writing
  • Corporate blogging
  • Public speech curation
  • Translation

communication strategy

  • External communication
  • Internal communication
  • Social media
  • Brand experience

content marketing

  • Research
  • Data analysis
  • Content Strategy
  • Content management



  • Early stage product development
  • Concept development
  • Setting milestones and scopes
  • Pre-totyping

  • Stakeholder interview