Who is Marianne?

Me! I write, I develop ideas, I manage projects, I make strategies, and I explain complex topics in an easy and interesting way. Sometimes I do yoga or dance at historical festivals or make experimental lock screens for my phone.

What are you like in real life?

Very enthusiastic. Creative with a deep love of structure and improving processes. A massive hugger. A bit of an old soul.

What are you looking for?

A great job in a company, where I can learn and do my absolute best.

What’s the weirdest article you’ve written?

Probably a blog post about nudist hotels. Some of those photos still haunt me to this day.

When are you happiest at work?

When I feel productive. And when I’m a good colleague, friend, and daughter. When I feel like I have structure, but I still have the freedom to paint outside the lines on a regular basis.

Where do you get inspiration?

TED speakers like Mac Barnett, Rory Sutherland, and Tea Uglow. They are funny, thoughtful, and have a different spin on life. Manager Tools podcast for advice on structure. and (Surprise!) management. At the moment I’m blown away by authors like Michael Pollan and Hunter S. Thompson. Their writing is like coming along on the best, unexpected journey.

Where can I reach you?

Right here.