5 things from TEDxAarhus - and a challenge...


As many of you know I was behind the scenes at TEDxAarhus. And it was a blast! I can honestly say I enjoy production- and event planning more than just attending, so this was perfect for me. Everyone has been great and I’m so happy to be a part of it.Here are 5 things I learned at TEDxAarhus 2017 - and a small challenge.

1. The talks


Two talks, in particular, stood out to me. I knew, even just from the description on the website, that Miranda Kane would be a good candidate for a favourite speaker. And she did blow everyone away - including me. As a sex worker-turned-stand up comedian, her talk about working in the sex industry her talk was both insightful and laugh-out-loud funny.

The TEDx speaker, who - well deserved - got a standing ovation, was Mozdeh Ghasemiyani. Mozdeh is a former refugee from Kurdistan. Her very personal speech about being on the run, living with a deep trauma, and the human kindness also she encountered in her life, brought everyone to tears. It truly was moving and brave.

Sadly, I missed a few talks. The one I’m really looking forward to watching online is the Tinna Nielsen’s talk on nudging and inclusiveness. I had a chance to talk to her after her talk and I love her anthropological approach to the business world and her quest of revealing of the biases, which we are not aware that we have.

In the meantime, I'll read her guidebook.


2. The people

TED people really are a special breed. As a hardcore networker, I’ve rarely met such a social crowd. Both organizers, volunteers, and guests were happy to get to know each other and talk about everything from design to pyjamas pants. And, of course, it was a very international crowd too.


3. The human bingo

I don’t think I've heard about human bingo before Saturday, but it was awesome! Basically, it’s a 3 by 3 card with categories like “Find a person, who hitchhiked.” or “Find a person, who's travelled in more 30 different countries.” When you found a person, you got them to sign the category and took a selfie.

What a great icebreaker!


4. The brand (love)

TED and TEDx really are love brands. They’re brands people care about, ask you about, and are truly invested in. For me, as an entrepreneur, that is what I aspire to do: Creating a brand that is not just positively revered, but loved.


5. The TEDx challenge

For one member of the audience TEDxAarhus turned out to be a very special event: She was challenged to give a 3 minute TED talk with only 2 hours of preparation. And she nailed it! It clearly shows that we all of us have a great story to tell.

It also got me thinking: What would my TED talk be if I got the challenge, keeping in mind that the theme was ‘Into the Wild’?

I’ve thought about it quite a lot, actually, and it’s a really great thought experiment: At first I thought about my obvious “wild” experiences, like backpacking, but I soon realised that my TEDtalk would probably be more about an emotionally wild journey, rather than something with pretty photos of Asian mountain landscapes.

So, my challenge to you is the same: If you were to give a 3-minute TEDtalk, with an ‘Into the Wild’ theme, what would it be?

Please, leave a comment below and share the title of your personal TEDtalk.


Fotos by TEDxAarhus