TED, networking, and work diary

During Week 6 I tackled my stress head-on, networked using a new app, and joined TEDxAarhus. It’s been a less hectic week, and all down to better planning, and reflecting on my workday - every day. I also found out what makes employees happy, creative, and productive. P.S. I  got quite a few responses this week from people, who read the blog. I just want to say thanks for all the positive feedback! It means a lot.


1. The Science

This week I came across some interesting bit of science: What is the no.1 cause of happiness, creativity, and productivity at work? If you think it’s the free beer or the ping pong table, think again. It’s not even being praised by your manager or your peers. Studies show that PROGRESS makes the biggest difference when it comes to being happy, creative, and productive in everyday work. Surprising, right?

I told a friend about the research, and she immediately responded: “That’s why I love gardening! I get to see the progress.” The study even showed that not only were employees more creative when they noticed progress. They were also more creative the day after.


2. The Work Diary


Last week was all about stress. So, how am I doing now? A lot better and it’s mainly down to this: I combined my calendar with a work diary. Now each day has time slots (instead of a general to-do list), where I plot in tasks. And, most importantly, there’s an extra page each day dedicated to reflections of the work day.

Having both my calendar and my work diary together has been such an eye-opener. When I review my performance I can’t help but reflect on how I manage my tasks, what’s my mood was like, and what I can do to improve my work conditions. It has made such a difference to take time out, sit down (not in front of a screen) and write down all my achievements, setbacks, struggles, and ideas.

I also have themed sections for each month and week. I will do a more in-depth blog post on the my work diary in a couple of month with tips and tricks.


3. The Networking App

Shapr is an app for everyone, who, like me, don’t think there is such a thing as too much networking. Essentially it’s a combination of LinkedIn and Tinder: You can swipe ‘yes’ and ‘no’ between different profiles, and if you both swiped ‘yes’, you can meet up for a coffee meeting.

Luckily the only other person, who uses Shapr in Aarhus is an amazing woman, and we had a great time drinking coffee and chatting.

I highly recommend using the app. Sometimes something unexpected comes out of meetings with strangers.


4. The TEDx event

I know, I’m suppose to say ‘no’, and I really am trying (see Week 5). But I simply couldn’t say no to join TEDxAarhus. I love TED, and I’m super excited to write for TED and explore TED from behind the scene (literally). The theme is ‘Into the wild’ and tickets will be available soon.


5. The TED talk

And speaking of TED: If you’re not doing anything in the next 18 minutes and 24 seconds, please watch this TED talk about reframing experiences by advertising guru, Rory Sutherland. It's one of my all-time favourites. Universally relevant and absolutely hilarious. Just take a look at this: