New office and thoughts on alternative career goals


First of all, thank you for reading my blog! I’ve gotten so much positive feedback on my first weekly recap, it completely blew me away. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.This week has been amazing. I've had time to reflect on career changes and alternative career goals. But most of all I’m happy to introduce you to this…


1. The New Office


I’ve been looking for a great office space. My hunt started in February, and now I finally found it.

I’m very happy to show you my new office: The Aarhus based incubator, Ideas Lab, in Filmbyen. This place has everything I could dream of and more: A welcoming community, great mentoring, and a rooftop terrace. I’m so excited to have the opportunity to continue my journey here. (Bonus: It’s in safe distance of my fridge.)


2. The (free) Expert Advice

As I mentioned, working at Ideas Lab also means great mentoring - for free. Researching the field this week I just keep finding more and more. Free entrepreneurial sparring is (luckily) everywhere, from law companies to game designers. For anyone who’s thinking of doing their own startup, I can highly recommend scouting out whatever free sparring and mentoring programmes you can find in your local area. There is more than you think.

In Aarhus you can check out 'Startvækst Aarhus'. They also provide monthly expert help for free at INCUBA.


3. The Name


This week I was asked what my project is called. My honest answer is that I still have no idea. Still on the lookout for a good name...


4. The Career Change

Making a quite drastic career change has not been an easy decision. However, I’m a firm believer in choosing a career that makes you truly happy, even if you have to change jobs or career path. In this article a handful of brave women share their stories of how they navigated a major career change. So inspiring!


5. The Alternative Career Goal

Most of us have career goals. A lot of these goals are focused on moving up in the company hierarchy, getting promoted, getting a raise, and getting more responsibility as our abilities and knowledge grow. (Think standard job interview questions like “Where do you see yourself in five years?”)

However, I think it’s also worth considering an alternative career goal. Something that is totally outside the box, nearly impossible, or at least completely ridiculous. Mine is this: My aunt injured her hand due to too much puppeteering. (It happens...)

My alternative career goal is to get an even weirder work injury by the time that I’m 40.

Why? Getting a work injury related to puppet theatre (or something similarly unusual) shows that you’ve made some truly authentic career choices along the way. But most importantly, however silly my alternative career goal is, a year ago the idea of calling myself a future tech entrepreneur sounded just as ridiculous. Now, one year later, I’m working full-time to start my own company.

What is your alternative career goal?

Featured image by Unsplash