Sprints, marathons, and entrepreneurial imposters


This week has mostly been a lot of stressful/boring admin stuff piling up. Don’t worry, I’ll spare you the details.However, there’s also been time to read articles, order new books, have interesting conversations about marathons, and reflect on my new role. Happy reading!


1. The Personality Test

Did you know there is a Meyers-Briggs personality type especially for entrepreneurs? It’s now scientifically proven that entrepreneurs have these two letters in common in the famous personality test… (And yes, I have them too.)


2.The Project Management Tool

Working on the Onboarding Platform for a while now, I’ve gone from writing ideas on scraps of paper to having a (semi-)organised way of structuring my ideas in Asana. I’m not extremely structured, so having a digital project management tool is a lifesaver.


3. The Imposter Syndrome


Although, I knew I had to work hard on a lot of things in my new-found role as an entrepreneur, I wasn’t prepared for having to work on this: Imposter Syndrome; “...the persistent fear of being exposed as a “fraud”.

It took me ages to gain the confidence to introduce myself to others as an entrepreneur, without putting imaginary quotation marks around the word. The first 40 times I introduced myself as an entrepreneur I was sure that someone would contradict me, or at least challenge my new, self-proclaimed title. (I mean, who was I to call myself that?) But no one did. Instead, people have been overwhelmingly positive and encouraging.

Funny thing is, when you see that people believe you are, who you say you are, you start to believe in it too.  I’m not completely rid of the Imposter Syndrome yet, but I have, in many ways, managed to go from being an “entrepreneur” to an entrepreneur (no imaginary quotation marks needed).

Sometimes, simply saying what we want, or who we are, out loud, changes our perspective and makes it real.


4. The Book

I was recommended this book by another app-founder. I’ve ordered it, and now I can’t wait to read it. (Because tenacity, resilience, and hard work often counts more than innate talent.)


5. The Sprint (or The Marathon)


As I mentioned in last week’s update, I’m realising more and more that being an entrepreneur is a very unique and personal journey. People start companies for a billion different reason, and their journeys are just as unique as their DNA. This week I was talking to the amazing Ane Schack Fønns, founder of the Garderobe app, about the personal, entrepreneurial journey, and I really like her perspective:

Is your entrepreneurial journey a sprint, or a marathon?

I’ve met people from both ends of the spectrum: Some people are better at starting things up sprint-style. They would get bored to tears if someone told them to work in the same position for five years.  For others, it’s definitely more of a marathon and a long-term commitment. They get a kick out of watching their company grow and evolve.

Personally, I’m more on latter side of the spectrum - not only when it comes to business, but also when it comes to my career in general. While others might have impressive titles, and ditto salaries, before they turn 30, I’ve realised for me it’s the long journey that counts.